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Pyrography is a printmaking technique, the material is dug by burning through the iron used by the artist. 

Several supports are available: The pyrography on wood, leather, paper engraving.

These works of art pyrographed, presented by the artist Jean Rockeadi, are made with great precision.

Paper pyrographed in a glass frame, A4....
Jean Rockeadi - Joseph
Engraving on paper. "Joseph, Happy whale, naive"...
Jean Rockeadi - Chippiron
Engraving paper, with glass frame in A4 format. "Chippiron who breakdance"...
Jean Rockeadi - Captain Lee
Engraving paper, Indian ink. A3 frame under glass. "Captain Lee, head of a woman, body boats"...
Jean Rockeadi - Monick
Engraving paper, framed under glass...
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