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Kozet1 - Number 1

Number 1

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acrylic on canvas...
goddog siamois


Out of Stock

Silkscreen 2 colors...
Jean Rockeadi - Sharks
Engraving paper 30x40 cm...
peau de cuir pyrogravée
Leather skin tanned and pyrographed....
Jean Rockeadi - Pied de marin
Sailor foot, solid oak. 25cm high by 18cm deep. Unique work. Pyrography, painted and...
Jean Rockeadi - Official Sailor
Engraving paper format 19x21cm....
Molk - Ace
Typo-graphics around the ace of hearts, the game world between gains and losses. Acrylic...
Sérigraphie à partir d'une photo
1 color screen made ​​from a personal photo of the artist, illustrating the bolts that take a...
Jean Rockeadi - Joseph
Engraving on paper. "Joseph, Happy whale, naive"...
Jean Rockeadi - Chippiron
Engraving paper, with glass frame in A4 format. "Chippiron who breakdance"...
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