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Paula Benvegnu - Dolphins

Paula Benvegnu

Paper Fabriano Watercolor 100gr 300% cotton, acid free. 3 colors made ​​at Swansea Print Workshop Studio. Designed and handmade in Swansea, Uk in 2012 with water-based inks without solvent.
"Let´s go on holidays, let´s go to the Flamingo Inn, where can can girls dance next to the swimming pool, neon cocktails are served by mermaids boys, dolphins jump out of the water surrounded by flying moustaches, twin rabbits play billiards and more and more coins can´t stop coming out the jack pot in the casino…"
A surreal, kitsch and psychedelic vision of the “all inclusive” resorts, cruises, package trips, the cliches altogheter with an ironic and acid humour but with lots of glamor.

Format : 70 x 50 cm
Limited edition
Printed in 25 copies
Made in United Kingdom

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