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No Name Stencil

Stencil for several years, the Parisian No Name moved recently in the south of France but continues to travel physically or with these stickers he sends around the world.

Pop Culture lover, he keeps diverting generational images in cuts and stencils with layers of varying complexity and sometimes oversized formats that bomb in the streets, vacant lots, but also on canvas or wood panels.

He recently decided to work only from his personal photographs that the further away a stencil that seems circling force saturation of the same icons and images selected, attention, it can still help to twister an Angelina Jolie drops of blood at the corner of the mouth which are suspicious texture in shades of gray! His keen eye is no less of his shots strong symbols, but singular and current while connected with universal themes.

No Name hides it into the blaze but it is with patience and the qualities of passionate A Name.

Sérigraphie à partir d'une photo
1 color screen made ​​from a personal photo of the artist, illustrating the bolts that take a...
No Name Stencil - Skull
1 color screen made ​​from a personal photo of the artist, depicting a skull picture taken in...
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