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Street art, illustration, screenprint, painting on canvas, art photography, skate art, who ? what ?

Who? is two art lovers who want to discover new talented artists to exhibit their works of art and develop a gallery where all lovers of graphic arts meet. One is a graphic and somehow a little artist in the soul, and the other is a web developer but not insensitive to the art so far, we have done together this gallery with our professional knowledge and our pronounced taste for art.

What? is an online art gallery offering original works of art unique or limited editions. The styles are varied, ranging from graphic illustration to painting through photography. Several materials are available as paper with silkscreens, solid wood or skateboards with engravings and paintings pyrographs but also for paints. The gallery displays works related to urban culture, street art, graffiti, but also everything related to graphic design, typography, etc ...


We set up the gallery to enable artists, known and anonymous, to expose freely their work to give them visibility they deserve. It is difficult for an artist to focus on both his artistic and take care of its communication, its expositions and image. is a showcase and platform sales for each work that the artist wishes to exhibit, allowing it to assume full responsibility for his artistic creations.


We select the artists and works we want to expose visitors to offer quality work while remaining accessible to all. The gallery handles the sale of art works and takes care of monitoring the work to your home.